Or weeks. But today was extra special:

1. Had to leave early to supervise an exam. Got there on time, got attitude from the Chief Invigilator because she was stressed because there were not enough exam booklets of the correct colour. Turns out she thought I was the course instructor when I’m only a student standing in for the instructor.

2. Was not feeling loving towards students, even less so when I read their answers.

3. Collected the papers and didn’t know what to do with them because had received no instructions. After running around a bit, carried them to department office. If had known, would have brought a bag. 

4. Tried to submit forms, but as I entered admin guy’s office heard him calling colleague about missing documents that I hadn’t brought either. So had to schlepp to office to print out those documents.

5. Office computer moves at glacial pace and printer runs out of ink.

6. Submit everything, but it’s too late to get legs waxed.

7. Need to get legs waxed to wear skirt to play mommy in play at kindergarten I’ve been roped into by playdate mothers.

8. Speaking of which, we are to go to school and set up a day in advance as if this is a broadway production and not a ten minute presentation of a (rather sexist) book.

9. It is 1.30 pm, I haven’t had lunch, and I’ve eaten only a toast for breakfast. Head out of office and slam middle finger in the door. Honestly thought I’d dislodged it and was going to die of the pain. Rush to loo, pour tepid water on it, go into cubicle, sit on pot and try to cry. Fail.

10. Pain is bearable so go eat a burger and fried chicken to comfort self. Ice finger with iced tea.

11. Chat with sister on phone about rubbish problems in our lives.

12. Go to kids’ school for play set up. Admin lady is weird about letting me in, but later when white mother comes, she just sweeps in without much of a mention. Mothers agonise over placement of every object. Fifteen minute job takes 45 minutes. They are moody and so am I.

13. Go home, and head to travel agent to research tickets to Ireland for conference. Should have done this instead of trying to find flights online and wasting hours on stupid etihad website. 

14. Land up home at 4 pm, but can’t go home because Mimi won’t let me work and I have a freelance project due today. Ask helper to bring my laptop down and work in clubhouse.

15. Head home after kids have left for park.Forget to press floor and land up on random upper floor. 

16. Head down to my floor. Realise I have not brought key. Call helper to bring me key.

17. Wait wait wait. Turns out helper is waiting somewhere else.

18. Get home. Write this post instead of working.

I realise that most of this is first-world, self-created problems. But seriously, I feel like I have menopause. I am so scatty and out of it these days, and I’m ovulating. Is ovulating brain a thing? Why am I a victim of my hormones? Or is it the heat? Am I having hot flushes?

In other news, my finger looks like a sausage.

The end.