Mimi and Benji in the bath. Mimi to Benji: Why do you have a loose peepee?
Clearly penis envy is not a thing in our house.

At dinner time. Benji: Why did that vampire raise his hand?
Me: What? What vampire? [notice cricket on TV]. Oh umpire!

While feeding Mimi my arm kept knocking into a toy Benji was trying to take. He glared at me: ‘you’re wasting my time!” he said officiously stalking off.

Watching people speak French, Mimi asks: “Why are they saying that thing?” (I.e. talking funny). It’s an improvement over her usual complaint when she runs into a Peppa Pig video in any other language on TV: “They’re speaking Chinese”

Benji carrying the hot water bottle I use during my period on his head: “I have a tummy upset on my head.”

Mimi sees a free swing at the park and races towards it. An older girl beats her to it by an inch. Mimi reaches out, grabs the swing and tells the older kid off. The older kid backs down. Mimi gets on the swing. A butterfly flies near her. Mimi shrieks. Thus, terrified of butterflies but not older kids.

Watching a music video with Benji : “Why is that lady in a jail?”
It’s Mariah Carey dancing in a cage. Tried explaining the metaphor of love like a cage but he wasn’t impressed.

Public service ad on drug abuse comes on.
Benji: “Why’s that boy crying?”
Me (using it as a teaching moment): “Because he took drugs, don’t ever do that!” Mimi: “Like Alice?”
Me (mumbling): Yeah kinda.
Dunno how she twigged that Alec in Wonderland is trippy.

Moths fly into the house. After running around, trying to catch them with a broom and observing one that fell down closely. Then Mimi takes her notebook and a pen and mimes writing.  “Fly go fly” she says.