Nothing significant, just random stuff.

So, remember I mentioned the great haircut that was not going to be great after a hairwash. It wasn’t. I tried to wait it out and tie it up and finally I gave in and after eight years of getting my hair chemically straightened at intervals, I bought a flat iron straightener to use at home. All these years, I’ve maintained that I don’t want the hassle of ironing my hair every day or so, and hence opted for the chemical process, which is easier but the last time I did it, my hair came out rougher (which may be hormonal changes because I’d expect the chemicals to have only gotten better. They’re certainly more expensive than they used to be). So I didn’t intend to straighten again, I only did it the last time as a desperate measure since my “boy”cut seemed to be taking forever to grow out.

My hair is wavy and I want to wear it that way in solidarity with Mimi who has gorgeous curls and who wants to imitate me in everything and is already started talking about how her hair is straight. But then this haircut happened and it’s summer and on top of the haircut not being suited to half-straight, half-curly hair, the humidity makes me look like Raja Ram Mohan Roy. I looked into Brazilian Blowouts, but they were over-budget and I toyed with chemically straightening my hair but that was over my budget too and frankly I was reluctant to subject my hair to that again.

So I bought a straightener. After looking at the top of the range (i.e. GHD) I got a Philips in case you’re interested, because I remember someone I know saying that’s what they had and then I pinged my friends and one of them had a Philips. It’s reasonably priced and I’ve now been using it for a few weeks and it’s fine. I’m uncoordinated as hell but I manage to do my hair in about 15-20 minutes given that it’s neck length. And the result is nice, probably better than chemical straightening because it doesn’t look so chapta in the beginning. I worry about ruining my hair, but I’m going to keep cutting it, and I use a serum. Not the best serum, but I’m on a budget.

Speaking of the budget, it’s a new experience not just swiping a card. Honestly, considering my income got slashed by half, this should have happened sooner, but I took a long time to twig that we just could not afford the DINK lifestyle because we are not Dinks anymore, not to mention that I quit my job. And it’s not all because of V wanting to save and retire at 40, which does impact things, though in principle I’m ok with saving regardless of when one plans to retire. The way I see it right now my budget has shrunk because I chose to take an income cut and it should reflect in my behaviour somewhere.

So V and I agreed on a personal stuff budget every month, and I’ve been trying to stick to it. Because I’m extreme like that. I work well with targets, though not if they’re too stressful. But although I’m a rebel of sorts, I’m also super disciplined. (hmmm, I’m understanding Mimi better here. She’s such a virago at home but in school her teacher said she’s amazing. Some people need structure, I think, and that might just be Mimi and me. I need to have a dotted line of sorts to follow, even if the picture is of my own making. Is that the hallmark of a control freak? Is this bracket going on too long?)

The interesting thing about being on a budget is that a lot of things just don’t seem worth it. My standards have ironically got higher. So if I spend money on restaurant, I expect it to really deliver. And most fine dining restaurants don’t, given how much they charge. Sure, there are people bowing and scraping but while I don’t appreciate the bang your food down on the table in any order style of cha chaang teng service, I find someone placing your napkin on your lap deeply annoying as well. The food is normally not worth thaaat much money, and the don’t even get me started on alcohol. At least the food, one can justify.

Ok, I have a specific experience in mind with regard to this particular rant. We arranged to meet a friend of V and his very rich girlfriend and we picked Jamie Oliver’s restaurant because we know the food and the price point are decent, but it’s a toss up whether you’ll get a table as you can’t reserve, and unfortunately that day we didn’t. And like a fool, I said okay to another restaurant in the building. I had always been curious about that restaurant but when I took one look at the menu I knew I had made a mistake. It was one of those where everyone orders their own and an appetizer costs 200 bucks and is two small things on a plate. And of course the people we were with went to town, partly because how would it look if they didn’t follow the rigidly defined four course pattern? Plus wine. Of course. I had fish, which was stupid because it was a steak place, and it was a tad dry and this is what I mean by not-worth-it. Pretentiously laid out so-so tasting food for which you pay an arm and a leg. And finally, I came down to V’s point of view which he has been hammering home to me for two years now. Few of these places are worth it really. I felt kind of sorry for the couple we were with, who seem to only go to these kind of restaurants.

The thing I have an itch to do right now is shop. Because my existing clothes are just hanging off me. But I need to pace myself. Which is a strange experience, but not entirely unpleasant. It feels good to have to hold back, and save up for something. Heh. Though the list of things I want  need is growing longer and maybe the whole sparseness thing will get old sooner rather than later. Recently, a friend visited and I went browsing in shops with her, something I never do anymore unless I have a defined purpose, and I identified at least five things I must have and I’ve been dreaming of them ever since. I sense a binge coming on.

My friend’s visit was soooo good. She and I go way back, but she moved to Oz and both of us are not the keep in touch types. Curly and I have had this conversation about how you need to put some effort into friendships to sustain them, and it’s something I’ve realised is true especially when there’s distance involved which in my case there is more often than not. But this friend is one of those with whom no effort is made and still we remain the greatest of friends. And this trip we figured out why. Because – and I’m crediting her with this more than me because she always goes first – when we do meet, even if two years have passed, we let it all hang out. We update each other on the important stuff, the goriest, painfullest details, we do this non-stop for one whole day, and then it’s like the clock has been reset and we’re back to when we were in college. This time, the first day we were to meet, I kept trying to take her somewhere to see something and she refused and said we just had to sit down and had lunch and that’s what we did, because she knew all we would end up doing would be talking non-stop and yeah, that’s what we did. After three days, we both felt like we’d had therapy.

And finally, I’m watching The Tudors. Nope Game of Thrones is not for me. I don’t know why because it’s loosely based on British history, and I have read about those periods but somehow because it’s not ‘real’ I can’t get into it. I wish I could but I can’t. Unfortunately, Wolf Hall was over much too fast, so The Tudors it is. Wolf Hall is better, but the Tudors is longer with all kinds of sub-plots. Like Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon. I’m fixated on that romance, partly because the actor playing Brandon is so hot. Jonathon Rhys Myers is a good Henry because he has a slightly crazed look, but overall I prefer the Wolf Hall casting. Natalie Dormer doesn’t work for me somehow. I think the best Anne Boleyn was Natalie Portman in The Other Boleyn Girl. Since then, I believe that Anne shouldn’t have big boobs. This is of course neither here nor there.

End of ramble. How’ve you been?