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So as mentioned we decided to stay overnight at a Disney hotel. Hong Kong Disneyland has two hotels, the fancier and more expensive Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the cheaper but still three-star Hollywood Hotel. I’ve stayed in both since the very first time we went to Disneyland was for my niece’s third birthday and the SIL insisted we stay in the better hotel and paid for it (yes, crazy generous loaded person). While the Disneyland Hotel is super pretty, I didn’t find any reason to pay extra bucks for it. The room was huge (able to accommodate four) and very comfortable, but that’s about it.

To my surprise, V was angling for the better hotel too (maybe it runs in the family), and while I’m usually the one up for more luxuries, this time I put my foot down. The whole trip was expensive enough and for me the hotel served a functional purpose – a place for the kids to nap and take breaks so they didn’t get too tired out.


However, I have to say when I first saw the Hollywood Hotel, I did not love it. I thought the design was strange and unattractive. The lobby is very old fashioned in a style that would appeal to Chinese tourists. It was only on looking closely that I realised that was the point – it was an art deco theme in 20s Hollywood glamour. And you know what, it began to grow on me, though I guess I’m never going to be an immediate fan of the art deco style. I do love me some black and white chequered flooring though.

What I really appreciate was that although the official check-in was 3 pm, they gave V the room at 9.30 am when he went to drop off our suitcase. This was really helpful as we could bring the kids in to nap at their regular time.


Thanks to a friend we got upgraded to a seaview room. While this is nice, I would not pay extra for it.


The room had two large beds, and as expected was very comfortable although much smaller than the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel room. But more than enough for our purposes.


A nice touch were these hand towels folded into animal shapes which the kids amused themselves with for ages. Sorry for the dark photos. I should have lightened it before I uploaded them into WordPress, but as ever lazy is my watchword in these matters.


Art Deco style Disney art.

The bathroom is not huge, but comfortable with a tub and a shower with great pressure and water that really heats up fast. While they provide shampoo and shower gel in cute little mouse ear bottles, they don’t provide lotion, which is odd. V had ridiculed me for the amount of ‘cosmetics’ I was taking (literally foundation, lotion, and dental stuff, please!) so I left out the nice Bvlgari travel ack that I intended to take and then was miffed when we got there and there was no lotion.

The hotel has an arcade with time slots when all the games are free for hotel guests. Unfortunately, we kept missing these although we were in the room just lazing about. Or rather, because we were just lazing about.

There is also a pool and an outdoor kids play area. Again, we didn’t have time to use these.

One can also do a special Chef Mickey buffet breakfast or dinner. This used to be a full fledged character dining experience but when I called to check they said it’s just Mickey so I decided to skip it. It’s fairly expensive and I know my kids wouldn’t make full use of the buffet. If there were a lot of characters waking about – which was the case when we did it with our niece – i might have sprung for it. Instead, we took loads of break and travel sized butter packs and munched on that, which worked out fine.

The hotel has a souvenir store so if you “forget” to buy anything in the Park you have another chance to deplete your wallet. I nearly bought a pair of mouse ears (for myself!) here but finally saw reason desisted. I still have buyer’s remorse, or the opposite of buyer’s remorse (the one where you regret not buying something).

Stay tuned for Part 3 on our second day at Disneyland. You can read Part 1 here.