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This seems to be the season for staycations. Well, it is summer.

So V had some points on his Hyatt membership, so we booked ourselves into two room at the Hyatt Regency in Sha Tin. We had the option of Tsim Sha Tsui but I insisted on Sha Tin because I thought it would be more fun for the kids than TST which is pretty much city life.

We took a bus to Sha Tin Town Centre and the kids spent some time at the Snoopy Park at the mall there, while I did a whirlwind trip through H&M which is on further sale. Unfortunately, V was grumbling about lunch in the background and I picked everything in the wrong sizes and didn’t have time to queue up again, so I dropped the idea. We had a very nice lunch at Pizza Express and then headed by train to the hotel which is right next to University station (adjacent to the Chinese University campus).


Tolo Harbour in all its glory

We had one room on the executive floor; the view from the lounge amazing. The views in Hong Kong never fail to excite me, so much so that I’ve resolved never to pay for city views anywhere else.


View of room

Our room was very comfy, and the helpers’ room on the ninth floor for pretty much the same, except, well, on a lower floor without access to the lounge.

My main agenda for the trip was to go cycling as Sha Tin has a renowned biking trail alongside Tolo Harbour. The hotel rents out bikes but alas the kids woke up too late for us to avail of that facility since they require the bikes to be returned at 6 pm. So we took the train to Sha Tin town again, and thanks to directions on this website, I found the bike kiosk in Sha Tin Park that rents out bikes.

We got a four-wheeler for Nene and a bike with a seat for a kid at the back for me for the princely sums of HK$30 and HK$60 respectively, and set off. It’s been ages since I biked and I’ll admit I was wobbly at first, not least because Mimi was at the back. Also, there are loads of people on the trail and I had to keep an eye on Nene in front of me. Nene, however, was super confident on his bike and could have pedaled on endlessly. I, on the other hand, bumped into a wall and scraped my elbow. However, overall, it was a fun experience and I got in some exercise to boot. I wouldn’t mind a repeat, though we could probably do it closer to home since we have a bike trail right opposite our house too.

For dinner, we went to Maxim’s Palace, which is normally quite hard to get a table at. We had a very nice Chinese dinner, polishing off every last morsel since everyone was starving after the biking.

Back at the hotel, I had a relaxing soak in the tub while the kids watched cartoons before bedtime.

In the morning, V and I had breakfast in the lounge. We took Nene along (Mimi was asleep), and frankly the luxury was completely wasted on him as he barely even ate the chocolate croissant I picked for him. Finally, he ate the egg of the Egg Benedict we ordered. I stayed on breakfasting and reading the newspaper (to V’s annoyance) for over an hour, while he headed down with the kids to rent a cycle again.


Kids checking out mimosa

They spent an hour cycling along the track near the hotel, at the end of which Nene tripped on the edge of the track and scraped himself quite badly. That did not deter him from jumping in the swimming pool though, which was next on our agenda. I normally skip the hotel pool because our estate pool is actually better, but we had a few hours to kill before checkout and in the end, the kids’ enjoyed the pool while I got some exercise in.


You can just about see the East Rail train in the photo.

Although the hotel offered us a 1 pm checkout, we were out of there by 11.30 am because we wanted to be home by the kids’ naptime. We took the train back all the way, and I have to say, the kids enjoyed looking at the trains (without the platform screen doors) and riding the East Rail Line quite a bit.

Of course, in the evening, we had the inevitable tantrum from Mimi who wanted to go back. Normal life is just not good enough for this little princess.