I am going a bit crazy with work, panicking about work, not knowing whether I have my candidature exam coming up or not, and experiencing that bizarre situation that being in limbo entails. I haven’t had much time to blog, and yet I have to thank the awesome readers who contacted me about participating in my study. I really really appreciate it.

It doesn’t help that I have a lot of distractions. First, there are the primary school applications for Nene. After initially leaning towards international schools, we finally ended up going the other way and applying to more local English medium schools. We still have one international school on our wish list, but other than that, I am resigned to the local system.

The pressure of what would happen at the interview began to get to me when I realised that Nene’s ‘academic’ skills are quite poor and if he was asked to write, he might not do so adequately. As the date of the first interview neared, I started to resemble a Tiger Mom drilling her cub. After one particular rough homework session, I gave into the realisation that I could not cram a couple of months’ worth of learning into a couple of weeks and that I would just have to let Nene wing it.

I got V to take a day off and come to the interview but it turned out that they didn’t interview us at all, just Nene, who was taken into a room without us after a lot of waiting around. When he came back, V had warned me not to force him to relive the whole thing. So I gently asked him what happened, and he told me he was asked to count butterflies and then there were 10 and then he was asked to count something else and there were too many. After that, he said he couldn’t remember what happened! In retrospect, it is good that we weren’t allowed in as not knowing helps me to cede control. I can’t stress out about how badly he did because I don’t know he did badly. Heh.

It turned out that we got an offer from that school. It is the closest to our home from the schools we applied to, and seems fairly nice with a really beautiful campus. However, it is run by a religious organisation and is fairly new so an untested bet. Nevertheless, we have accepted the place and will keep our fingers crossed for our target international school.

In the meantime, I had visits from my sisters-in-law one after another. V’s oldest sister decided to do a work/pleasure visit on a whim. She hasn’t visited us for eight years. She is a fiesty shopaholic with a lot of cool hobbies, and while I’ve had my run-ins with her in the past, I enjoyed her visit this time. She told me not to be offended but I had changed for the better and seem more sensible. I only smiled. It is possible that I have changed – after all, I have had two children and am generally older – but also I think she has changed. She has mellowed down a lot (though is still as shopaholic, some things don’t change I guess).

I realise that I am less angsty around my in-laws. I always liked V’s sisters but sometimes I found them too strong as personalities. While possibly they have mellowed, I have less rough edges too. I am more secure in my skin, and not as easily affected by the things people say. In these matters I think time also helps.

Literally, a week later V’s other sister and kids turned up. V’s oldest sister was there over his birthday and the younger one over mine and it was nice. We don’t do a big hoo-ha on our birthdays anymore but having them there made it more special.

As for the birthday, details in the next post.