So while we were traipsing across town to get prezzies for people back home, I insisted V and I eat in Central. Which we rarely go to now, so I get all excited, and then usually irritated when I realise that everything costs an arm and a leg. Okay 100$ for a mediocre meal, and 200$ for something that would be 60$ across the harbour.

Anyway, I digress.

Immediately, V started looking at Openrice which is addicted to. And then started suggesting some dai pai dong, and I was like no. And I am not going to Central to eat soup noodles. Then I suggested a Korean Taco Place but the more we looked at it, the more I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t be one of those hipset moneysucking mediocre food places, then we looked at other options, and by then I was getting hangry so said “what about cha siu faan” which is my staple Cantonese go-to food, and V perked up but then I changed my mind again and voted for the Korean taco thing.

Which is called Takorea, by the way, and while yes, we did spend 100$ a head, it was very very good and substantial quantity. In fact, we kind of overordered a side of Kimchee fries with beef. I liked the spicy pork taco but V was all about the Korean chicken burrito.

On the other hand, I went to the highly recommended Brickhouse and while I wouldn’t say it was bad, it was 50$ for a exactly one small taco which was so ridiculous I could only laugh. I ordered another, and it tasted exactly the same as the first only a different meat. The vibe is very cool, though the music is quite loud, so if you’re in the mood to be hip, then by all means go there, but really, it was just so overpriced.

Speaking of overpriced, in a fit of madness considering we are going to India this week, I agreed to go to dinner to a new place in SoHo called Juhu Beach Club. Even more insanely, all of us were labouring under the illusion that it would be a hole in the wall with plastic cutlery and concomitant prices. Which is utterly stupid because it was after all located in Soho. And indeed, it turned out to be one of those chi chi places where a “vada pav slider” if you please costs $68 and is even less substantial than an actual vada pav, plus not even the correct bread. Which I know wasn’t the point, because they are putting a spin on Bombay street food, but really. I was so angry, not with place, which is is free to do whatever the hell it pleases, but with myself for not doing more research.

It has not escaped my attention that I have suddenly begun to take V’s position on these matters. He has long been rolling his eyes at the overpriced hipster madness of restaurants, particularly those on Hong Kong Island, and now after a year of tracking my expenses and as a result avoiding those restaurants, I can see them for the trap that they are. Obviously, if I had money on tap, I might still go there, but they are actually very avoidable and once you’ve avoided them, they almost completely lose their charm.

Kind of like chips, which if you’ve stayed off them long enough, when you actually break out and eat them again, you’re not that impressed? Okay, actually I just chomped through half a bag, so I’m a fat one to use a chips analogy, but you get my point right?

Not related to food, but we went to the costume shops on Pottinger Street to buy a Santa costume, and boy, they are fabulous. Though not exactly cheap, they have a huge variety of costumes that beat the prices and range in your average Toys R Us.