So I have like one hour before my next tutorial, and I feel like faffing since I just finished my candidature exam (yay, but also it deserves a post). So I’m going to write something utterly frivolous, i.e. what I bought when I went shopping last weekend.

Shopping is now a new and exciting activity for me, now that I have a budget to control my impulses. While this has actually helped curtail the number of things I want, because I have begun to think about whether I need them (or whether that money would better be spent inhabiting the Fund for the Replacement of my iphone C which will inevitably break down one of these going by how often I drop it face down), there are still a surprising, according to V, number of things I need. And last weekend, I actually got most of them.

First, we went to Colourmix to exchange a perfume V had bought for me. So I had run out of perfume, but decided I could do without or use V’s Body Shop perfume that was lying around. However, that is almost over, but I was refusing to buy more perfume because it is low on my list of priorities (FYI I do use deo, but have decided perfume can be replaced by nice smelling lotion. More on that later). So V decided to buy me some. However, while he bought the brand I wanted, he did not buy the exact perfume I wanted, and honestly I was more than a bit pissed. However, he told me I could exchange it. The thing is I was not sure that Colourmix would have anything I wanted, and I’ll admit I got a bit stressed out and shouted at V for his not properly thought out gift. In the end, I found two DKNY perfumes that I actually like and got them instead (but later we found them for cheaper in the very posh DVF Duty Free in Causeway Bay. Who wouldn’ve thunk?).

Then we went to this place (called 360, but not the fancy schmancy supermarket but rather the opposite of that) in the same mall that sells discounted stuff and got a stash of chocolate because I have lost so much weight in India that I can reinstitute my post-prandial chocolate habit, which according to me is the main point of being thin.

Then in the evening, we went to Wan Chai to get our printer cartridge refilled, a dodgy practice that I’m not entirely sure is working out well. And while waiting for the guy to do the job, we wandered around and I mentioned how it is impossible to find an iphone 5C case anymore and V claimed he had seen a shop that sold the original covers, only we landed up in another shop where I somehow convinced myself to buy a cover that I realised was totally wrong only when the woman took it out of the box to put it on my phone. So I essentially spent HK$100 on a cover and screen protector that would not adequately protect by phone, and did not look as nice as I wanted also. And then I had to spend another HK$55 bucks to get a proper screen protector as the one that came with the case was not strong enough. Bleddy.

I was irritated as hell but calmed myself down over a nice Shanghainese noodle dinner. Then we schlepped to Causeway Bay to this shop called Dudes to buy Bath and Body Works body lotion because I have decided that this brand does it for me, though obviously I had to pick the one in thousand brand that does not have a store in Hong Kong and so I have to hunt around for secondary sources. The shop I bought Bath and Bodyworks stuff last time has shut down in typical Hong Kong fashion (thanks to rent hikes most likely, whereby only the most boring franchise stores can survive). Thankfully, this one seems to be a bit more long lived and they had a wide selection of lotions, from which I picked four. It was such a relief to have moisturized and sweet-smelling limbs again (Brown Sugar and Fig at the moment if you must know, because of course you must).

Then we bought Nene a pair of jeans and Mimi a pair of fleece-lined trousers from this cart on the street, which sells very stylish children’s clothes.

Then, we started walking through Langhan Place to the MTR when we went through DVF and started looking at perfumes to see if the original Bvlgari one I wanted was available. It wasn’t. The du vert, if you must know, because yeah.

Then, I realised I really needed sunglasses (I do! Mine got washed away into the ocean on my birthday, because I was smart enough to go swimming with my glasses on in really rough weather and at some level though my husband could rescue them again like he did the last time a wave took them). So I started trying on some, and honestly the branded ones are so expensive (e.g. Chloe: HK$2800), but I haven’t seen any cheapo one’s I like. Then, when V was asking about a pair, the lady at the counter pointed to a selection that were on steep discount, and I found a pair of DKNY with dark blue rims that were quite okay for the princely sum for HK$300. You’d think I’d grab them, but I was dithering because there was a more perfect pair of Tory Birch glasses for HK$1600 (yeah really). Finally, sense prevailed (for the moment anyway) and I bought the HK$300 glasses while telling myself that I could still get more ideal ones at some point down the line. Which hopefully will not come, but you never know. The thing is that I really use my sunnies a lot – the last pair lasted five years, during which time it was repaired once.

And that friends was my weekend.