You know how everyone moans that the Oscars has become all about the dresses and nothing else? Well for me, it’s always been so. I mean, yeah, I might watch the whole awards ceremony if I had world enough and time, but mostly I don’t, and I can’t say I’m gutted either. A quick Google about the results tells me all I need to know without watching three hours of uncomfortable jokes and people trying to look happy (and succeeding because they are, after all, actors) when they don’t end up winning.

Anyhoo here is my belated and highly inexpert take on what I liked sartorially speaking:

First, my alltime favourite, Cate Blanchett.

cate oscar

It’s not so much the dress per se, but the beauteousness of Cate in it. Though I must admit I do have a partiality towards that style of embellishment. For example this:


In other weird things I liked, this. olivia

Yes, the neckline is ridix, but I’m a sucker for pleats and the whole Grecian thing, plus the back was interesting.

I also liked the oranges. Charlize Theron basically rocks anything she wears:


Also liked this, although her hair looked like she just scrunched into a bun:


Among the shiny things, I liked Naomi Watt’s the best:

And this:


Finally, as twee as she is, I think Tay killed it:


The end. Which were your top picks?