We had a long weekend, and yesterday was rubbish. We pretty much did nothing all day. So I was determined to make the most of today. For me, I feel a weekend is wasted, especially a long weekend, if we don’t do something apart from the usual routine with the kids. The usual routine is going to the building park or playroom in the building.

Since V was not in the mood to go swimming, I suggested taking the kids to see the birds at Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui. We’ve been before, and while there aren’t that many birds to see, I felt the kids would enjoy it. So off we went.

When we got off the train at TST and made our way to the park 30 something minutes later, I wanted to pee. So after looking at a couple of fountains that did not help with the needing to pee, I veered everyone into the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre which is housed in a historic building that I assumed would have clean toilets. Instead, I got attracted by the idea of the exhibition itself and was pleasantly surprised. The last time we went there which admittedly was ages ago before I had kids, there was barely anything, though there were some kids doing cosplay which made up for it.



This time there was no cosplay but  a well-thought out exhibition of various archaeological finds around Hong Kong, including relics that go back to the stone age. There were some interactive displays that kept the kids amused (it’s a little sad how kids kind of zoom in on the screens and gadgets), while I peered at a few of the exhibits, such as pottery from the Bronze Age and ceramics from the Ming dynasty. Below is the floor of the Ming Dynasty room, which I think had quite a beautiful effect:


The toilets of this museum are extremely clean and actually quite aesthetic in an old-world charm sort of way. It’s not often that one finds something to remark on in a public toilet.

We then proceeded to the reason for us being there, which was the flamingos:


They were mostly clustered towards the other end, but they always give me a thrill when I see them. There’s also an aviary with exotic birds such as huge parrots from the Amazon, though the kids weren’t as taken with them as I was.

The park has some interesting flora, such as these banyan trees that are typical of Hong Kong.


We then proceeded to Saravana Bhavan where the kids did a good job of polishing off an idli, vada and ghee roast dosa. I remark on this because Indian food is not really their thing. In fact, when the dosa came, Nene exclaimed: “Oh a samosa!” thus displaying his ignorance for all and sundry.

Then we detoured to Mirador Mansion where V wanted to buy the famous Jenny biscuits for someone, and I discovered a new Indian store that would deliver home with no minimum charge which stocked my favourite spicy banana chips. The freshness of them is yet to be ascertained however.

After that we took a train to Mong Kok because I needed to buy a charger for my Mac. The wire of mine mysteriously got so frayed that it stopped working – okay, it was probably because I wound the cord around the plug to take it to work every day but seriously. It turned out the cost of the charger is the cost of a small computer itself. While V went up into the computer centre to see if he could get me a bargain (he couldn’t, and I ended up paying full price, sob!) I waited at the corner of the Ladies Market with the kids. One of the annoying things about Hong Kong is the lack of place for pedestrians to just sit (resulting in Mainland tourists squatting everywhere and being sneered at by locals), so I was very pleased to find a corner of a big cosmetics store that had a ledge that the kids could chill out on. They ended up collecting stones from the road to the disapprobation of passersby.


Later, they also amused themselves wetting their hands in a dripping aircon, probably the only people in the world to enjoy this phenomenon, and me being the only mother to let them.

We rounded off our excursion with some yummy dessert at HeSheEat cafe. The kids have been in a bonding mood all day, hugging and playing and wanting to hold hands, and while this is adorable, it is also like double trouble because they set each other off.

Came home and crashed on the couch, satisfied at a day well spent.