This article on making friends when you’re 30. We are all here no? Except the very fortunate ones, but I don’t know any of those. Everyone I know seems to struggling with this to some extent.

Curly recently pointed out after I told her about a dream I had that it seems strange for me to be the one who’s insecure about friendships, and maybe it’s because I don’t really have a friends group in the proper sense Hong Kong. This may be true. If my best friends are far away, evidence that the distance does matter always rattles me.

On the other hand, I really don’t know if I have time for more friendships, as one of the comments in the article says. When you have young kids everything has to be scheduled, more so if you’re working outside the home, and then I have an anti-social husband who nonetheless will whine if I’m too social.

And I possibly have become curmudgeonly with age. In a similar way to dating in one’s 30s, people tend to get on my nerves more. I don’t have the stamina to persist through the initial awkwardness or false starts. Then again, one of the advantages of being a couple is that one doesn’t have to.

I recently met a group of friends who were being like, well, Friends (but an updated version). And I found it weird, not charming. Heh.

One of the comments in the article says that if you have one good friend in a place, that’s enough. I guess I’m sorted then.