I have noticed two mothers at the kindy getting close. And I feel… soemthing. On the one hand smug, because I knew another mother was trying very hard to be friends with one of these women and her courting was so obvious, it grated on my nerves, also how she turned her light on her and off us. I like the other two moms more than the one who did not get an in on the friendship so yay for them. But also, I’m a little jealous.

They were nice enough to include me in a coffee after school. But while I was there, I realised I could not relate to much of the conversation. One I’m younger. I’m much more seriously into my work. I’ve been in Hong Kong longer. And I think crucially, or maybe this is the thing I’m insecure about, I don’t have as much money.

The conversation was so expat bubble. Wake up, I wanted to scream!

But it also made me wonder, where do I fit in?I’m critical of those who lead the yuppie single life and I’m critical of those who are desperate housewives in (expat) suburbia and I’m also critical of the angsty academic peeps. Is it any wonder I’m sitting here on a Friday typing this.

[Actually, wild horses couldn’t have dragged me out last night. I am still recovering from two nights out and a lot of traipsing about town during MinCat’s visit. And with Curly expected at the end of the month, my cup brimmeth over]