I actually cooked a meal.* It was stuffed mushrooms, a recipe V once attempted with success and that was replicated by MinCat when she was here. It looked easy enough and I ventured to say that I could do make it, and immediately V said, so do it.

So finally I did.

It did involved a fair amount of calling out to V from the kitchen about when to add what. As an added complication, the kids came home early and brought stools in the kitchen to watch the historic event. Actually, they were less bemused about my presence in the kitchen than our help. E has been witness to my disastrous attempt at making banana fritters many many years ago when every single vessel in the kitchen was utilized in service of making a dish that in the end had to be discarded as unedible.

I let the kids grate the cheese for me. I don’t know why people don’t let kids help more. Okay, I know why. Because it’s a pain, they’re more hindrance than help, yadda yadda, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do if you want your kids not to end up like me? On the other hand, I used to help my mom when I was little and it was fun until I figured I had better things to do and my mother actually agreed.

The mushrooms turned out fairly good. Not perfect, but up to my standard, which is picky enough to have put me off cooking for several years (because I did not deem my own food good enough for me to eat). Part of the secret is dabaoing oil, something I was hitherto reluctant to do. Now, I decided I will be liberal with oil till I am a virtuoso. Or rather, if and until.

I’m wondering if this will become a weekly thing. Hmmm. Let’s not get carried away.

V later asked me why I hadn’t taken a photo. Why indeed. I guess I was too greedy. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was delicious.


*For those of you who are knew to this blog, I don’t cook. I completely stopped cooking about five years ago when the kids were born and we got full-time help. Before that, I would cook very occasionally when V was away – I had like three standard things I could do – dal, mince and I forget the other, besides instant noodles, scrambled eggs and tea.