I have to record this because it’s one of those things that you think happens to other people but not to you. Until it does.

My daughter has decided she wants to marry her father.

No wait. First she decided she wanted to marry her brother but he rejected her on grounds of being her brother.

Blows may have been exchanged (which does not bode well for any nuptials),  there was definitely shouting, I’m not sure what else went down as I was in the bathroom. Of course I was.

When I finally unlocked the door, Mimi burst in sniffling and teary-eyed accusing Nene of saying she can’t marry Daddy. When I burst out laughing she clarified “when I grow up.”

First I tried explaining that she can’t marry Daddy because I’m married to him. That didn’t go down well. I’m not against bigamy, but I thought this might shut down the discussion pronto because Mimi is not a sharer. She pondered, then said, then I’ll marry you. Basically she just wants to be married to someone in the family.

Anyway, I explained that it wasn’t a matter of growing up so much as not being allowed to marry one’s family members. However she did not seem keen on the idea of anyone else. and I can see why. Why would you want to hitch your star to anyone other than those you love and trust the most?

Once I calmed down I told her:

A) it’s not necessary to get married

B) it’s a long time away so no need to worry about it now

C) why not focus on a fab ‘Mimi is awesome’ 21st birthday bash with amazing food, dancing, a lovely dress and all her friends.

She cheered up after that. It turns out she basically wanted a big party. And I had to tell her that no, my darling, you don’t need to get married to have an amazing time.