But for the last three months or so, my period has been bearable.

Yeah sure, it’s a bloody mess and I’d rather not skip it altogether. But, with careful management (i.e. vegging in bed for the better part of two days), it is not so bad. I haven’t even needed a painkiller. Heh.

This, after actually trying to get a grip on the thing by exploring contraceptive pills. That was a very shortlived exploration because the pill I took made me lightheaded and nauseous and although I actually bought a different pill to try, I couldn’t find it in me to actually try it and risk the same symptoms plus another period when I stopped. The fact is that I have a sensitive stomach and any oral medication is likely not going to be without side effects.

The fact is that my period just arrived in 23 days and not at the most convenient time, but now that I’ve accepted that it is what it is, plus I do have the option of using a hormone to delay it if really needed, I don’t feel so bad about it.

Also, I’ve noticed that although my body feels crappy on the first/second day, my mood actually clears up. Like the world actually looks/feels better. Hormones are like drugs, yo.