I did let myself go off the wagon a bit what with Vietnam and those massive breakfast, but this week, I’ve had the perfect exercise record. Not only did I get some exercise every day, I had a great deal of variation: 2 days running, one day yoga, 2 days swimming (which shows me both how weak I’ve become and also how this is probably the only activity that I have a hope in hell of losing the muffin top), and 2 days of cycling.

The cycling is new to the mix. We have a beautiful cycling track along the promenade on which I take my daily run by the sea, and I’ve been itching to use it, more so since Nene got his bike, but we really don’t have the space the park another cycle. I’ve wanted to rent one, but there isn’t a shop that does this anymore (the one that there is, has turned into a fishing shop). Then suddenly a bike-sharing company came to our part of town and I found my solution. The charges per half hour are super reasonable, while it isn’t perfect – for example, the first day I got charged twice and the bike had a slight problem, and the second time, the bike seat was a bit too high and I couldn’t figure out how to adjust it, but I can’t help thinking how wonderful it is that it exists. And cycling does use a different set of muscles. When I’m on the bike, I don’t feel particularly tired, until I get off and my thighs are shaking.

Yoga I’ve been doing once a week for years now thanks to the subsidized class at the university that I’m so going to miss once I graduate. I had actually surprised myself by getting quite good, but then I had a bad sprain and it appears I’ve reset to square one. What I like about yoga is the sense of achievement I get in holding a pose,  the aesthetics of it and the sheer surprise at what you can get your body to do. The instructor has ordered these yoga wheels, and the last time she tried to get us to do a shoulder stand using it, I begged off. This week, I tried… and like with other poses I realised that it takes a bit of daring to let your body go backwards, but once you’ve taken that leap of faith, it’s not so hard after all.

I don’t know if I can actually keep this up (probably not), but I’m pleased with the last week.