Mimi started big school. I was apprehensive, she was excited. She said on her first day that all the kids at her kindergarten are babies and they do baby things there. Mainly, she wanted to be in the same school as her brother.

Said brother was not so sanguine. On the first day, he was nervous. He came back happy though. He had had a bullying issue with a ‘friend’ last year and I’m pleased to note that this boy was no longer in his class. Though they still meet on the playground at recess and they are still friends. Nene’s best friend last year left school just as they were settling in and that’s why he gravitated to the new kid who turned out to have some … issues. I’m glad to note that this year he’s widened his social circle, even to include some girls (one of whom apparently said she wanted to marry him; this being the third such specimen). When I asked him if he had enough people to play with he said: a lot! 

It’s slower going for Mimi on the other hand. I expected this. Most of the kids in her class are from the school kindergarten, so Mimi has to make more effort just as Nene had to last year. Luckily there are a couple of Indian girls in her class and her brother to fall back on. He was not super keen on her playing with his pals but later he warmed to the idea. Though Mimi does seem to have a few peeps of her own they aren’t a sure thing and she’s spent some lonely recesses. This takes me back to my own schoolyard experience so I have more than the usual amount of empathy. 

Academically, they seem to be okay, especially Nene. I am pleasantly surprised how his reading and spelling has taken off. He claims to love math best, so I suppose he’ll always try at that. At the parent orientation, we had to do a little quiz on our kid’s likes and dislikes and I got all but one correct. Yay me. 


I also had a series of firsts, my first teaching days. And it has been … bat shit crazy. So much work, so little time. So many admin things like photocopying and writing inane documents. More admin for the jobs that pay the least. So much time to fill – hour lectures! Hard to keep students motivated. Hard to not take it personally and not stress when they are not. 

I sort of long for the days of just sitting in s cube plugging away at editing. How easily that came to me. How I could always finish on time. Maybe this is all nostalgia. But I miscalculated how hard teaching would be and how much of it there would be. 

Lecturing is like performing and when a class goes well I’m on a high. When it doesn’t, I’m upset. Either way it’s exhausting. 

There doesn’t seem to be another alternative in sight though. 

Onward and … onward.