I wrote this a while ago when my Mad Men obsession started. Now I’m on Season 4: 

Yes, I’ve only started watching. Yes, I’m hooked. I’ve only watched two and a half episodes of season 1 so far. 
First reaction:

People smoked so much !

Men are assholes. 

Wow that really is Kiernan Shipka

Why do I identify with the divorcee 

When do these women grow up. 

There’s something obnoxious about Don Draper being rude to the client in every meeting as if his two and a half okayish quips turn him into some kind of prophet. Are we supposed to admire him or it is supposed to be as hammy as it looks? 

There comes a point in every women’s life when she hits the bottom, usually thanks to a man, and then something in her hardens and while this is tragic, there is something glorious about it.