Thanks to my underpaid and overworked part-time teaching schedule (and occasional well-paid freelance work I undertake to supplement the former): 

1. Blog (except this once, and I’m standing here waiting for a bus and it would be too unwieldy to peruse my notes for class here) 

2. Read (fiction or non-fiction). Partly because I haven’t had the time to even borrow a book from the library. This weekend a woman contacted me for a book exchange and I got a book I didn’t really want from her and I’ve started reading it piecemeal. It’s not the best (she warned me) but I don’t have a choice right now.

3. Write research papers which I should be doing in order to get a full time gig. Catch 22. 

4. Stay properly in touch with family and friends. This includes my own husband and children. 

5. Exercise. That routine has become sporadic at best. However, I’m so stressed and busy I’m eating less. I think.

6. Smell the roses, enjoy life, even have a freaking dream that doesn’t involve work. 

Ok sayonara.