And I’m only slightly ashamed.

Here’s how it happened.

We were out at dinner and Mimi started shifting around (more than usual, that kid is a fidget) and I asked her if needed to use the toilet and she said yes.

While in what looked like an interminable queue, I checked Facebook and someone had posted a link to watch the wedding so I clicked on it, and it turned out it was right at the part when Harry and William were walking in, which meant I had skipped the waiting and people on the streets waving flags part. The next thing I knew I found myself grinning broadly as Harry gazed down upon Meghan in church (in between calls of “are you done”?) and I realised I’m not that cynical about weddings after all.

I ended up watching pretty much the whole damn thing using my data service if you please, which I have a strict rule against. V made fun of me and then gave up. I showed Mimi the couple while she was ranting about wanting ice cream now! and asked if the bride was pretty and she said “yes!” And went back to ranting.

scattered thoughts:

1. Meghan’s dress was beautiful, her train even more (though the commonwealth flowers were unnecessary).

2. Harry is really into Meghan.

3. The queen’s lime green dress was a bit OTT. Not to mention the purple flowers.

4. Ginormous hats seem to be Camilla’s thing.

5. Kate seemed to be in a bad mood. Maybe she doesn’t like Camilla or maybe she was pissed that Will didn’t change thr diapers last night.

6. I really thought Meghan’s mum should have walked her down the aisle or she could have walked herself but maybe she wanted A Man or her mum didn’t want the spotlight and Charles seemed to do a good job.

7. The camera constantly focused on her mum who looked lovely.

8. Harry and Meghan were happily chatting while the hymns were going on. Haw!

9. That guy with the cello went on too long. As did the pastor – I tuned out during the sermon.

10. In a sign of our times, I found myself scared that there would be a terrorist attack as they drove down in the open carriage. I heaved a sigh of relief when they made it into the castle.

11. In between MinCat informed me that the chief minister resigned in Karnataka. High drama all around.

Did you watch?

PS: I am aware the whole thing is ridiculous