The day before yesterday, my son received this letter from a classmate:

“Dear N, You are my secret boyfriend. I liked you like forever! But please don’t tell anyone.”

They are seven.

V says I am the one imputing an adult meaning to it, and they are just friends. I think it is a little more than that. At 5, Mimi blushed whenever Nene’s friend’s name was mentioned. Later, I noticed that she reacted like that to all Nene’ besties, all the boys anyway. I believe these feelings are more special than “just” friends. but they are not grown-up attraction either. Yet, the language they use to convey the feelings is adult. Where do they learn it?

Yesterday, Nene asked me if he could go to the little girl’s house for a playdate. I said: sure, but her mum has to ask me. I am reading Tudor fiction and feel like the King’s mother.

Last night, I dreamed that we unexpectedly – at V’s suggestion – landed up at the friend’s door for a playdate (without scheduling first). The station names were in Hong Kong, but the train and the place we landed at were Indian. The friend lived in a Parsi colony, even though she is Korean.

Make of that what you will.