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So: Are travel photos the new food pics?

By which I mean, not simply that they are ubiquitous but also that people are starting to tire of them.

The reaction to travel photos posted on Facebook, I sense, is increasingly less “wow” and more “so?” or at best “too many”.

Too many is a common failing and some selectivity would go a long way towards the mitigating of the “so?” reaction.

Increasingly I find myself giving travel photos a miss because do I really want to look you and yours on a beach (these are probably the worst) or in some other scenic locale? I guess photos of places less travelled like say Slovenia would pique some curiosity but in general, no.

Travel photos (and food photos) seem to work better on Instagram because the audience there has specially signed up for Le Pretty and also because it’s rare to get a whole dump at one go but rather they tend to get interspersed with other slivers of pretty on the feed unless you follow only travel peeps in which case your bad.

Travel photos on Facebook do seem to beg the question “wherefore?” What is the purpose of them? Well in the past my rationale has been it’s a way of sharing with family (including say cousins) who I figure are the only people who care about where you went and how your children are in combination. Maybe this does hold true. When my sister-in-law did her one month crawl through the UK with the nieces, I did follow their travel photos. In a way, instead of telling us, the SIL showed us. But even so, after a bit, I lost interest. Clearly, less is more and there is really a limit to “lookit here I’m having fun” one can take. I’m thinking a limit of five photos per trip.

What do you think? Travel photos (on FB?) yay or nay?


So you guys probably know my feelings about barbecues and more recently picnics.

But what about hotpot or Korean BBQ in a restaurant?

Last weekend, we went to a Korean BBQ place – lots of meat to grill. I found myself thinking – why is it that I, who barely makes a cup of tea in her own house, has paid for the privilege of cooking food? I really don’t see the point. The whole time we were stressing about turning the meat over so it didn’t get burnt, then swallowing something before rinse and repeat. Out of all the meat, a few pieces are perfect. The others are slightly overdone or underdone. You eat mediocre grilled veggies and feel thrilled somehow. This makes no sense. It’s BBQ all over again, except mercifully without the waving newspaper over coals and the heat and smoke.

So I’ll have to say no to this one. Though the kids and V do love it, so I guess I’m just going to have to grin and beat it sometimes.