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I thought I was resigned to the inevitable outcome. I thought I was sufficiently detached.

And I was.

In my mind, the worst had happened in 2014. If people could elect this man after he presided over a bloodbath in 2002, it said everything one needed to know.

Still, I expected at least some acknowledgement of the lack of the promised development, of disastrous policies like demonetisation.

Why, I don’t know. I have always maintained that 2014 was an anti-Muslim mandate.

Now it is clear as day. The economy is irrelevant.

I was fine till the end of the day when a colleague from another team came to talk to the Indian colleague on my desk. I could hear murmurs about corruption, about how everybody is celebrating.

I realised that I don’t know a single person who would celebrate this, and for that I am I grateful. But I also realised that these people are just one degree of separation away from me and that to these people, to the majority of the country, the likes of me are not just dispensable to their vision of India Shining, but an impediment to it.