This year started off well. You seem to have made one close friend at school and another at home and that’s good enough for me. You were doing well at school. You seem to have found your niche.

It started getting angsty around mid-year. Now that I think about it, perhaps it was the beginning of the new school year. You and your bestie were separated. It wasn’t as hard to make new friends as its been in the past but you weren’t as into them. Your home bestie became a little too bossy.

Perhaps it was the protests in Hong Kong or trying to find schools in Bangalore , but towards the end of the year, we all got more angsty. It seemed like I could never give you enough of what you needed.

I know, I know. You need time, lots of it, and undivided attention. I can only do my best.

It’s hard being you. It’s hard being surrounded by people who seemed to gave found their special thing and are acing it. It’s hard being a dark-skinned kid surrounded by white-skinned people. It’s hard having such big feelings in a little body. It’s hard having a mum who is never there as much or as patient as you would like her to be. You have become daddy’s girl and I am glad.

But we love you, our little firecracker. You are smart as a button. You astonish me with how confidently you move your body. You have such an eye for beauty. Your quirky drawings delight us. One day all that drama will find an outlet and you will blow us away.