The week before Easter I was supposed to be Cebu with six college friends. Instead, I found myself sequestered in my own apartment complex.

In addition to lazing about, making sure the kids kept in touch with some English and Math work, indulging in Netflix, I decided to work on converting one of the chapters of my thesis into an academic paper that I could submit to a journal.

Day One: Mimi falls sick and all bets are off. Spend entire day alternating between playing board games and general paranoia that she has contracted the coronavirus.

Day Two: Mimi seems to have recovered. She petitions to be allowed to go downstairs. Permission granted on the condition she wears a mask.

Decide to start writing journal article. Have already spent a whole morning of another day narrowing down which journal to submit to. Open journal webpage to look at submission guidelines. Instruction guidelines will not open.

Frustrated, decide to go through list of journals again. Spend half an hour researching possible journals (again). All Sage journal webpages seem to have some problem and cannot see the author instructions. Decide to go with the first one.

Switch from Mac to Windows computer. Webpages now miraculously open. Journal has template for submission. Spend 20 minutes trying to figure out which version of word I am using.

Start typing in author name etc. Finally get to first para of manuscript. Cut-paste first para from earlier very rough draft.

Decide to blog about how tedious this process has been.

Day Three: keep head down and work like a fiend. The most tedious thing is translating the references into the chosen journal’s required format (single quotation marks for quotes, and double for quote within quotes, if you please!). Why do journals do this?

Day Four: begin to feel ill. Perhaps worked too hard. Also realise analysing two novels in one article is going to exceed the maximum word cunt by 50%. Decided to restrict article to only one novel.

Day Five: Do almost nothing. Wonder if I’m coming down with period or something else.

Day Six: Feel better and decide that I have to somehow harden heart and edit like a fiend and include two novels or the argument will not be strong enough.

Proud to say that at the end of one week, I have a paper, only in need to thorough proofreading and tweaking.