Discussion with Nene about playing a video game involving shooting.

N: It’s not shooting people and there’s no blood

Me: But it’s still shooting. Some experts think that if you get used to shooting during video games, then you’re more likely to use a gun otherwise, to shoot people.

N: Well, so many people watch video games. How come they’re not all shooting people?

Me (thinking): Touche, my boy.

[cue discussion on gun control and it’s effectiveness]


Me: Are you looking forward to going back to school?

Mimi: No.

Me: Why?

Mimi: Because you can’t fast forward the teacher.

[The next day, I fast forwarded the teacher. She was speaking soooo slowwwwly.]


Nene is asked to write a sentence using “hi” and “high”. His offering:

Hi omg you’re so high.