I had this really pithy introduction to myself on the Blogspot blog but it appears it is lost forever when I moved here, alas! So I shall use what I said when I was interviewed by Women’s Web:

I am a reader and writer, a mother of two and a wife of one, a former journalist, an editor by profession, a cynic and an idealist, a rebel and a feminist who is still mastering the art of holding my tongue.

Read more about me here and here  (though the blog link on the blogadda one is wrong, and I’m too lazy to go about getting it changed).

The main purpose of this page is actually to list an email address. Although I prefer comments, because I think everyone benefits from the interaction, if there are things reasons you’d like to get in touch privately, mail me at thebluebride@gmail.com


18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Followed you back from Women’s Web. Caught up on a couple of posts and realized you have quite a huge archive. Guess this comment is more to say Hi! than anything else. 🙂

  2. I think I have been reading you for some years now, and have also commented out here. Plus I aldistinctly remember reading the countdown to your wedding. But the past few days, I realised that I hadn’t read the archives here at all! Basically, there is this HUGE chunk of 2008/2008/2009 (I think I read everything from 2012) that I have missed. Plus you were super regular back then.
    So thanks for making my afternoons at work less miserable! 🙂
    Also, you had a dog called Zo ? 😮

  3. Kill me for the typos.
    aldistinctly = also + distinctly

    2012 = 2012.
    Thank you very much.
    Oh, and it’s amazing how your archives are just as fun as the current posts. Mine embarass me beyond belief.

  4. Hello! I have been reading your blog fairly regularly and have commented,but rarely. I miss your regular posts!
    I’d like your help on something – the husband and I will be in your city for a short holiday – I’d greatly appreciate restaurant suggestions for a special occasion dinner. I have been googling but ‘insider’ tips would really help. thank you!

    • Ooh lovely. HK obviously has great Chinese restaurants, but also world class international cuisines. Just off the top of my head:
      1. Qi, very spicy Sichuan in Wan Chai.
      2. The Pawn, British gastropub food in a converted old-style shop house in Wan Chai. Very few veggie options tho.
      3. Isola, Italian food in IFC Building in Central.

      All these need a reservation especially for weekend dinners, and are pricey. You can probably google the menus for prices.

      If you’ve narrowed down any and want my take, let me know.

      • generallysurfing said:

        Thank you! I am leaning towards Qi 🙂 Before I read your recommendations we were considering Giandos, Ammo and La Piola. Very undecided, and I’d be grateful for your views on whether any of these are worth a visit. Mostly though, we would like to stay away from the fancy (apart from the one meal) and eat more local. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

      • Ammo was the hip thing a few months ago…almost impossible to get a reservation that wasn’t weeks away. However, maybe the hype has died down. I haven’t been so can’t comment but it did get a lot of favourable press.

        I haven’t heard of La Piola or Giando. The latter’s chef is from Isola so should be good, plus the view etc. Tempted to try them myself now.

  5. crabbymommy said:

    Hi. I am new here, to your blog I mean. Two words – love it.

    I think I connect to it for several reasons: I’ve lived in Hong Kong (for nine years) in my previous life; I prefer to remain anonymous; books are my best friends; I like to read articulate, well-informed writers; someone who can quote from the Bhagvad Geeta gets my instant adulation..(just a few reasons to follow your blog)

    kung hei fat choy – by the way..

    • Kung Hei Fat Choy to you too! I am all smug at having amassed some lai see of my own, contrary to expectations.

      Um, I’m not sure I count as one who can quote from the Bhagwad Gita. I am only kinda sorta trying to read the Mahabharata.

      • crabbymommy said:

        Lai See! that’s a word from my past.Always a pleasant occurrence!

        Didn’t mean the quoting of Gita literally, but you know, erudite enough to know, or, having the inclination to learn. I read religious texts as a child, but more as literature than anything else.

  6. Hello there! I happend to get to your blog via Life and times of Indian home maker. You have such rules for comments eh.. over all I am impressed with your thoughts and most of the blog posts in general.. loved reading through…. I read few and would love to come back often to check interesting posts from you.

    • I guess they are more guidelines than rules. They stemmed from a post by another blogger on blog etiquette and then I wrote a post on my take on blog etiquette and the comments on both those posts made me realise that there is quite a bit of confusion and sometimes misunderstanding on the issue. So I thought it would be useful to make it clear what my expectations are.

  7. Simantini said:

    Hi, just thought of leaving a word after many months of reading anonymously. I love your terse style – saying so much with such precision. It’s a very rare quality in a personal blog! Besides, the strain of agnosticism in your your thoughts and opinions really strike a chord. Makes me want to know you in person 🙂
    Best wishes.

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