The Bride’s Guide to things to do in Hong Kong

1. The Peak: This is basically a view. You should go around 5 pm, so you can see the view before sunset and then after sunset when the lights come on. My tip is to take a bus (No. 15 from Central Pier) on the way up and skip the famous Peak tram because the line is crazy long for a short ride and take the tram down if the line is not very long.

2. Star Ferry: Do one harbour crossing on the Star Ferry between Central and Tsim Tsa Tsui. You could plan it so you take the ferry just before you go to the Peak so you can take the bus after that.

3. Lang Kwai Fong/ Soho: For drinking/partying. Lang Kwai Fong is crazy especially on weeknights but that’s the point. Sunday is quiet. If it’s too noisy for you, you can walk up to Soho from there. Or you can go to Soho taking the famous escalator (it’s the world’s longest) and then walk down later.

In the daytime or early evening, you could check out the art galleries and antique shops on Hollywood road though everthing is expensive and shops might snooty.

4. Walk around Mong Kong in the evening. This is where the hip, young HOng kong people go to shop and it’s just a crazy vibe. For cheapie souvenirs go to the ladies market.

5. To get a Chinese culture fix, go to Nan Lian Gardens in Diamond Hill (you can get veggie dim sum in the restaurant there) or Wong Tai Sin Temple in Wong Tai Sin.

6. If you have time, go to Sai Kung (train and bus) or Lamma Island (by ferry), have a seafood meal and see a very different Hong Kong.

7. Take a bus to Stanley and have lunch at one the restaurants along the promenade. I like The Boathouse in the blue building best and Paisanos is also awesome for pizza.

8. If you’re into roller coasters, go to Ocean Park (but it’s a whole day affair). Apart from the thrills, there are lots of animals to see – pandas, sea lions, penguins, a great aquarium.

2 thoughts on “The Bride’s Guide to things to do in Hong Kong”

  1. Dude, this is so useful. For the likes of people like me who have had HK on their must-visit liste for only like hald a decade, and live in eternal optimism that it will happen “this year for sure”. This list, and I hope youre going to keep adding to it, will save me the trouble of bothering you closer to if and when the time to visit HK comes!

  2. *list
    *half a decade

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